About Silva

Silva Nahabedian is a natural nail care specialist with over 20 years of experience. As a longtime industry expert, she has acquired a cult following of national and celebrity clients as well as recognition from magazines across the country, including being named “Best Manicurist” in Los Angeles by Allure Magazine. 

Throughout her career as a nail technician, Silva was in constant search of a healthier approach to nail care – products that didn’t just look good on her clients but were good for them. Finally, she discovered the natural lasting effects of Dazzle Dry and knew she had a game-changing product on her hands  (literally!). Once Silva realized what Dazzle Dry’s innovative system could do for her clients, she became determined to help its parent company, VB Cosmetics, change the reputation of nail polish and nail services. 

Working closely with Dr. Valenty, Silva has combined her knowledge of the system’s proprietary formula with her decades of nail care experience to establish Dazzle Dry’s signature application process for long-lasting, quick-drying nails. Today, as Dazzle Dry Director of Education, Silva’s goal is to help manicurists improve and maintain the health of their clients’ nails by teaching the proper use of Dazzle Dry products. 

To get the optimal Dazzle Dry performance, check out Silva’s How To Use steps or visit her tutorials on our YouTube channel.