The Best Lacquer Colors for Your Skin Type

Picking a single color at the nail salon can be daunting. Even if you know the exact shade you like, there’s always the question of how it will look once it’s on. Just like makeup, clothes, and hair dye, nail lacquers look different on just about everyone.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find the shades that suit you best. First, you need to determine your skin’s undertone. Undertones are the colors that give your complexion its overall hue, and are typically categorized as being either warm or cool.

If you’re not sure what your undertone is, consider these questions:

1. Do you tend to tan or sunburn? If it’s the former, you’re probably a warm. If it’s the latter, you’re more likely a cool.

2. Take a look at your inner forearm. Are your veins bluish or deep purple? Then chances are you’re a cool. If you veins are more greenish, you probably fall into the warm category

3. Do you look better in silver or gold? Cools tend to look better in silver while warms are more likely to wow in gold.

Now that you’ve established your undertone, let’s talk polish. Warm skin types will look best with yellow, peachy, or golden undertones. So if you’re looking for a Dazzle Dry color that will really pop, we recommend trying shades like Blue Birds Fly, Forget Me Not, Paparazzi Pink, Hey Sexy, Red Rouge, Boss, Cashmere Taupe, Yoga Mama, Mystical Voyage, and Unforgettable.

Cool skin types on the other hand, look great with red, pink and bluish undertones. Some of our top Dazzle Dry picks for cool skin types are Livin’ La Vida Yoga, Feed M’Fantasy, Galactic Fire, Cosmic Bling, Cherry Parfait, Casablanca, Holly Berry and Sedona Sunset.

Of course it never hurts to get a second opinion from your nail technician. And if they’re already familiar with the extensive line of Dazzle Dry lacquers, they might be able to suggest some colors you hadn’t even considered!