Lacquer Coverage Basics

Full-coverage, sheer, semi-sheer -- when it comes to lacquer coverage, the options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, navigating nail polish terms isn’t too different from picking out pantyhose or tights. And to help you find your perfect match, we’re breaking down the basics on lacquer coverage.

Full coverage

Our most impenetrable polish. Full Coverage lacquers deliver what they promise in just one to two coats.

Full Coverage Bestsellers:  Anticipation, White lightning, Less Is Mauve, Its Not U Its Me, Broadway Beige, Faith, Mythic Teal, Carnival coral, Passionate Red, Smitten, Sentimental, Love, Holly Berry, Rapid Red, Lavender ParadeOh My!, Radiant, Panache, BossYoga Mama, Alluring Charm, Starstruck, Ocean Motion, Portia's Wit, Dawning Desire


Think of semi-sheer as semi-coverage. Even with two coats, these lacquers allow a little transparency.

Semi-Sheer Bestsellers:  Prima Ballerina, Touch of Love, Livin La Vida Yoga, Breathe Free, Strawberry Macaron, Watermelon Slice, Rose Quartz


Sheer: A lacquer that leaves little to the imagination. Sheers let the natural nail show through while still leaving a hint of color, an iridescent effect or a subtle shimmer.

Sheer Bestsellers: Peacefully MeMind Your Mani, Fine China, Pinkies Up, Wink Wink